School’s Pledge and Anthem

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Millet Primary Pledge

Here at this school,

I pledge to do my best for the good of my future.

Let good work and discipline dwell here,

Let the rooms be filled with contentment,

Let love abide here.

Love for God, love for ourselves and love for one another.

Let us all remember that as many hands that build this school,

Many, many more minds make up the school.

So with discipline, perseverance and diligence,

We shall tread in our nation’s glory.

Millet Primary School Anthem

We the students of the Millet Primary School

Are striving towards success

With hope and determination, we shall progress

With the help of dedicated teachers

Become future leader

Being the best we hope to be

With discipline and perseverance

We shall succeed.

Let the tool of pride and dignity shine through us

So that others may emulate

Producing good results, we anticipate

Striving for excellence, that’s what we do

Children of the soil so pure and true.

We are champions in all we do

Because victory is our only aim

With dedication and tenacity

We will gain our ultimate fame.

May our minds continue to develop

With God as our guide

May we dwell in this place

And ever abide.

The School’s Anthem was composed by the teachers and students of the Millet Primary School.