Rules and Regulations

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The various rules and regulations of our school are listed in a handbook for parents. You may request one on the contact form on this website.

A few main rules and regulations of the Millet Primary School are listed below:

1. It is your duty (parents/guardians) to ensure that your children( or ward) attend school punctually every day that they are required to do so.

2. Students are not to be kept home at the end of the term after their examinations.

3. Students are not allowed to wear the school uniform on any day that they are prohibited to do so.

4. Students who are not wearing proper uniform should have a valid written excuse.

5. Parents (or guardians) should encourage their children to practice good personal hygiene.

6. It is the duty of parents to question their children about homework exercises everyday after they get home.

7. Parents must sign every homework exercise given to students.

8. It is the duty of parents to ensure that their children are engaged in constructive work at home.

9. Parents must sign their children’s report books that they receive at the end of the term and return these report books during the first week of the next term.

10. Excuses must be provided by parents if children are late, absent, out of uniform, or for any offence that the teacher deems as needing one.

11. If parents are in need to consult with a teacher or principal on matter, the school must be called ahead of time to make an appointment to see the teacher or principal.

12. Parents should attend all Parent Teacher Conferencing sessions.