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Core Committees

fundsThe fundraising committee is headed by Ms. Regis and Ms. Peterson. This committee aims at raising funds to aid the school carry out its daily activities. If you are a sponsor or parent interested in assisting the school, regardless of whether you are willing to provide us with funds, products or your time, please refer to the Contact Us page.

scienceThe science committee is headed by Mr. Jules, Mrs. Mathurin and Ms. Wilson. However, the latter teachers play an integral part in this committee. This committee is responsible for organizing science activities and events in the school. Science day is celebrated annually on November 20th and the month of November is designated as Science month. Science related activities, however, are held throughout the year. For example, the annual Science fair is held in the month of February.

numeracyMrs. Octave, Ms. Isidore and Ms. Regis are the brains spearheading this committee. Their main objective is to advance the expertise of numeracy of the students and staff at this institution, therefore many fun Mathematical activities are organised. For example, the Annual Parent Mathematics Workshop. Mathematics month is observed in the month of November. During these Mathematical activities, teachers, parents and students enhance their growth, love and appreciation of Mathematics.

literacy for siteMrs. Mathurin and Mrs. Charles head the literacy committee. They are responsible for activities which aim to nurture the literary capabilities of students and staff of the Millet Primary School. The literary committee is also responsible for the publishing of the annual newsletter and ensuring a print rich school environment.


Extra Curricula Committees

musicThe music events and activities are planned and managed primarily by the music teacher, Mrs. Charles. With her guidance the Millet Primary School now proudly owns a harmonious choir that represents the school at competitions and events.

sportsSporting events are planned and managed primarily by our lone male teacher, Mr. Jules. Students participate in marathon, fun sports and track and field annually. Prizes are awarded to students for their achievements, and, exceptional students are chosen to represent the school at district or national level sports events. Students also participate in football, table tennis and numerous other sporting activities at the school. Mr. Jules is aspiring to get a swimming team in place. Hooray for Millet!