Sports Meet 2016

The Millet Primary School’s Sports Meet was held at the Belair Playing Field on Thursday 18th February 2016. read more

District 4 Science Quiz

On Wednesday 27th January 2016, the Millet Primary School participated in the annual District 4 Science Quiz.

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National Music Festival

On January 18th 2016, the Millet Primary School Choir performed at the National Music Festival. It was held at the National Cultural Center before our Governor General and many other prestigious guests.

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Nobel Laureate Week

Nobel Laureate week was celebrated this year from the 17th January to the 23th of January.

St. Lucians have designated this week as the time to celebrate the achievements made by our very own Nobel Laureates and to encourage students to aim for stellar heights. read more

Dental Visit

On Wednesday January 2016, two retired dentists in association with Sandals visited our school to express the importance of Dental health. read more

Road Race on 30th October, 2015

On Friday the 30th of October, 2015, the Millet Primary School hosted its annual road race and fun sports events. The usual route for the road race commenced at the Vanard bus stop.

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District 4 Music Festival

The Millet Primary School entered the District Music Festival after a long break in the year 2015. It had been approximately¬†10 years since the school’s last participation and so it was a new experience for most of the staff and all the students.

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Science Open Day

Students of the Millet Primary School were challenged to explore their creativity using Mathematics and/or Science . Students were tasked with creating a project based on a science/mathematics topic to close the very eventful month of November.

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Mathematics Month 2015

Mathematics month is celebrated in the month of November. The numeracy coordinators designed many activities to highlight this month. read more