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The Millet Primary School is founded on the philosophy that " Every child can learn and will learn if they are properly taught". Teachers , therefore, always go the extra mile to ensure that concepts are explained adequately and that students are able to attain knowledge at the institution. There are currently 104 students attending the Millet Primary School. 45 of the students are girls and the remaining 59 are boys. The students enrolled at the school come from the areas of Venus, Durandeau, Borpond, Jacmel, Belair, Vanard, Tete Chemin, Sarrot and Caico.

Motto: Discipline and Perseverance Bring  Success


In Carrying out our mission, our school environment will foster:

Punctuality and regularity

Effective use of time

High standards of achievement

Positive attitude towards work


Cooperation and teamwork


Respect for self and others


Appreciation for the efforts of others


High levels of commitment