Road Race on 30th October, 2015

On Friday the 30th of October, 2015, the Millet Primary School hosted its annual road race and fun sports events. The usual route for the road race commenced at the Vanard bus stop.

From there, the athletes made their way up to the Millet Primary School to the finish line. The majority of the students and teachers from the respective houses participated in the event, in order to assist their house in attaining victory.

During the latter part of the morning, after everyone had made their way back to the school, the fun sports activities began. Students and teachers partook in activities such as lime and spoon, balloon bursting, thread and needle and bun eating contests, to name a few.

Everyone was considered a winner at the end of the day, since all participants completed the race. The students were also praised for coming out to take part in the events and making the day a memorable one during their tenure at the Millet Primary School.